Roland SYSTEM-1m Plug-Out Synthesizer
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Roland SYSTEM-1m Plug-Out Synthesizer

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Rp 8,985,419
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The SYSTEM-1m is a semi-modular synthesizer with PLUG-OUT capability and a unique design that can be used as a Eurorack module, tabletop synth, or 19” rackmount unit. The SYSTEM-1m takes the guesswork out of getting into modular with great sounds and the freedom to experiment right out of the box. And it can be played from any standard MIDI keyboard or receive MIDI messages from your DAW - just like you’d expect.

But the SYSTEM-1m goes way beyond standard synthesizer modules. With fully-lit, color coded patch points, you can experiment with reconfiguring its architecture and easily connect to a wide world of available synthesizer modules. In addition to functioning as a rackmount or tabletop unit, the SYSTEM-1m can be mounted in a standard Eurorack case and can be powered via integrated case power with the included adapter cable. Its versatile synth architecture integrates beautifully with existing modular setups - or it can be the heart of a burgeoning modular synthesizer rig.

PLUG-OUT synthesizers use Roland's Analog Circuit Behavior technology to perfectly replicate some of their most revered classics. They work like regular VST or AU compatible plugins in a DAW, with the SYSTEM-1m’s array of high-resolution knobs and sliders creating an elegant, one-to-one control surface that works seamlessly. But you can also load PLUG-OUT synths directly into the SYSTEM-1m and switch between the internal synthesizer architecture and one of a growing number of PLUG-OUT Roland classics, like the SH-101, SH-2 and PROMARS - with no computer required!

In addition to being a powerful standalone instrument, the SYSTEM-1m has external inputs and an array of CV/Gate connections that allow it to be re-patched and to interface with other modular synthesizer systems. The SYSTEM-1m’s CV/Gate connections combined with its ability to load classic Roland PLUG-OUT synth models like the SH-101 and PROMARS give it power and flexibility that is simply unparalleled.

Roland SYSTEM-1m Plug-Out Synthesizer Features

  •     Semi-modular synthesizer with PLUG-OUT capability
  •     19 color-coded CV/Gate and audio connections with LED lighting
  •     84 HP Eurorack, tabletop and 19” rack compatible using AC adaptor or Eurorack power
  •     Versatile oscillators with six waveforms, Crossmod, Ring Mod, Sync and Color control
  •     All parameters controlled with high-resolution knobs and sliders with LED indicators
  •     External input for processing external signals through filter, amp and FX section
  •     -12 dB and -24 dB filter types with independent high-pass filters
  •     Integrated tone, crusher, reverb and delay effects
  •     Tempo syncing for LFO and delay
  •     24-bit/96kHz audio and MIDI interface
  •     AIRA Link for easy connection to MX-1 Mix Performer
  •     Includes rackmount adapter and braided patch cables

Roland SYSTEM-1m Plug-Out Synthesizer Specs

  • Number of Presets     8
  • Series     SYSTEM-1m
  • Polyphony     4 voices (SYSTEM-1m Mode)
  • Model     Plug-Out Synthesizer
  • MIDI I/O     IN/OUT
  • Digital Outputs     2
  • Weight     2 lbs 13 oz
  • Dimensions     16-13/16"W x 5-1/8"D x 2-13/16"H
  • Synthesizer Format     Rackmount
  • Sound Engine Type     Oscillator / Waveform: SAW, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, SAW 2, SQUARE 2, TRIANGLE 2
  • Number of Effects     4 (Crusher Reverb, Delay, Delay Time)
  • Arpeggiator     No
  • USB     Yes
  • Digital Inputs     2
  • Audio Output Types     PHONES jack: Stereo miniature phone type, OUTPUT (L/MONO, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type (Rear), OUTPUT (L/MONO, R) jacks: Miniature phone type (Front), LFO OUT, OSC 1 SYNC OUT, OSC 2, MIX OUT, FILTER ENV OUT, AMP ENV OUT
  • Digital Input Type     USB
  • Digital Output Type     USB
  • Audio Outputs     12
  • Sampling     No
  • Audio Playback     No
  • MIDI Sequencer     No
  • Audio Inputs     N/A
  • Audio Input Types     EXT IN
  • Controller Types     VOLUME knob, TEMPO knob, TEMPO SYNC button, LEGATO button, MONO/UNISON/POLY button, PITCH knob, SELECT knob, WRITE button, MEMORY display, Power Switch (Rear)
  • CV Jacks (Control Voltage)     Yes

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