Rane MP2014 2-channel Rotary Mixer
Indonesian Price Rp29.986.399 - Rane MP2014 2-channel Rotary Mixer

Rane MP2014 2-channel Rotary Mixer

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Just like the MP2015 before it, the 2-channel Rane MP2014 rotary mixer features a 100% no-compromises design built with the best components in the industry to deliver the highest sound quality for a new era of DJing - the only differences are that the more-affordable MP2014 has only two main channels, no submix, and a new compact chassis. With its top-shelf RIAA phono preamps and AKM Premium Audio Device digital converters, the MP2014 delivers the same jaw-dropping dynamic range and sonic clarity as the MP2015. AudioBuy is confident that even the most discriminating DJs will love the MP2014's musical-sounding onboard filters, flexible routing options, and dual class-compliant USB ports.

Rane MP2014 Rotary Mixer

  •     The best mixer Rane has ever made - only smaller
  •     Premium filters deliver all the sound-shaping power you need
  •     Flexible I/O and routing options for any professional DJ system

The best mixer Rane has ever made - only smaller

Whether you're a vinyl purist or a digital DJ who demands uncompromising 24-bit digital audio, the portable Rane MP2014 delivers. On the analog side, Rane took painstaking measures to make the MP2014 as transparent as possible, offering 113dB of dynamic range (A-weighted) with a dramatically low THD+N spec at just 0.001%. Equally impressive are the onboard AKM delta-sigma modulator digital converters - the same type found in top-end studio gear. With these specs, you can be sure the Rane MP2014 mixer won't be the bottleneck in your setup.

Premium filters deliver all the sound-shaping power you need

Although the Rane MP2014 meets the sound quality standards it needs to hang with larger studio consoles, it's still a DJ mixer at heart, and that means top-notch filtering and tone shaping are a must. Rane loaded the MP2014 with outstanding sweep filters and 3-band EQs on each channel, with a master 3-band isolator EQ on the output to further shape your sound. You can toggle each channel's 24dB/octave sweep filter between highpass, lowpass, and highpass/lowpass mode for a variety of filtering options, and drive them all with single resonance control. Each channel also includes a 3-band EQ with 12dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley filter bands that go all the way down to full kill. A master output isolator EQ gives you a final chance to shape your sound, with 24dB/octave bands and dedicated crossover knobs.

Flexible I/O and routing options for any professional DJ system

Whether you're running an old-school vinyl setup with a quartet of CDJs or a modern computer-based DJ rig, the Rane MP2014 will make your gear shine. Each of its two main inputs includes phono and line-level RCA inputs, complete with a relay-isolated RIAA preamp that includes dual highpass filters to cut out infrasonic rumble. The MP2014 also includes S/PDIF inputs to accommodate CDJs and other digital sources, cutting out unnecessary analog circuity to preserve the highest sound quality. Finally, the MP2014 gives you a stereo effects loop plus a microphone input with onboard ducking so you can talk over the music without adjusting levels. Dual USB Type-B connections let you stream audio from your computer and make changeovers smooth.

Rane MP2014 Rotary Mixer Features

  •     2-channel rotary mixer for DJs who demand uncompromising audio quality
  •     Certified by Native Instruments for use with Traktor Scratch
  •     Main stereo input channels include relay-isolated RIAA phono preamps, line inputs, and S/PDIF connections
  •     Sweep filters on each channel include highpass, lowpass, and bidirectional highpass/lowpass modes
  •     3-band channel EQs with total kills and software-adjustable crossover points
  •     3-band output isolator EQ includes crossover adjustment knobs and 24dB/octave slopes
  •     Additional I/O includes a microphone input with ducking, a stereo effects loop, analog aux input, and USB
  •     Dual class-compliant USB ports allow for smooth transitions between digital DJs

DJs who demand the best features and quality trust the Rane MP2014 rotary mixer!

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