Radial Headlight 4 Output Guitar Amp Selector
Indonesian Price Rp3.000.140 - Radial Headlight 4 Output Guitar Amp Selector

Radial Headlight 4 Output Guitar Amp Selector

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Swap & Stack Amps on the Spot!

Guitarists — how would you like to switch between four amps without unplugging a single cable or pedal? The Radial Headlight guitar amp selector toggles and stacks amps to provide all the experimentation you can handle. Radial's Class-A input buffer preserves the natural tone of your guitar, while a Drag control lets you re-create the response of plugging directly into an amp. Toggling occurs via a single switch to avoid overcomplication. A separate switch either mutes all signals between studio takes or serves as an ABY to stack two amps onstage. Even better, the Radial Headlight powers up with a standard 9V power supply for easy integration onto a pedalboard.

Saves time & hassle in the studio

Guitarists love to experiment with amps in the studio. Parking the Radial Headlight in your control room and leaving four amps connected saves tons of setup time — time that could otherwise kill the moment or eat up a budget. A single dedicated tuner output keeps sessions running smoothly.

A/B/Y switching for the stage

The Radial Headlight's All On switch runs two amps at once. So now it's easier than ever to stack tones for that big chorus, then dial back the chutzpah for the verse.

Overbuilt to prevent tone suck

Like everything Radial makes, the Headlight amp selector is solidly built and engineered to preserve the natural tone of your instrument. Radial's Class-A input buffer optimizes your signal by reducing unwanted distortion and artifacts, while a series of transformer-isolated outputs prevents hum and buzz caused by ground loops. You've invested time in getting your sound just right. Now keep it sounding its best. Order the Radial Headlight guitar amp selector through AudioBuy today.

Radial Engineering Headlight Guitar Amp Selector Features:
  • Part of the Radial Tonebone line of pedals
  • Toggle between four amps on the fly!
  • No cable unplugging required
  • Experiment with amp tones in the studio
  • Stack 2 amps onstage for big choruses
  • Class-A input buffer reduces unwanted distortion and artifacts
  • Drag control mimics plugging directly into an amp
  • Dedicated tuner output keeps sessions running smoothly
  • Transformer-isolated outputs reduce hum and buzz between amps
  • Ground lift and polarity switches for each amp preserves signal integrity
  • Mute switch kills all signals between takes
  • Powered by a standard 9V power supply for pedalboard integration
Tech Specs Type Inputs Outputs Power Source Height Width Depth Weight Manufacturer Part Number
Amp Selector
1 x 1/4" (instrument)
4 x 1/4" (amp outs), 1 x 1/4" (tuner)
9V DC power supply (sold separately)
2.0 lbs.
R800 7096

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