PreSonus FireStudio Mobile FireWire Audio Interface
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PreSonus FireStudio Mobile FireWire Audio Interface

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Rp 4,185,195
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As a modern audio professional, you'll more likely than not find yourself tracking projects outside of the confines of a studio. Unfortunately, going mobile often means sacrificing sound quality and/or input channel flexibility. But it doesn't have to. The PreSonus FireStudio Mobile is a ten-input, six-output FireWire audio interface that can be powered right from your laptop. The PreSonus FireStudio Mobile has a higher channel count--including digital I/O--than most every other interface in its price range, yet delivers top-notch fidelity thanks to a pair of XMAX microphone preamps and converters capable of 24-bit/96 kHz analog to digital audio resolution.

Ten Inputs, Six Outputs The combination of ten analog and digital inputs lend this compact interface a flexibility rivaling units twice its size. The first two inputs alone on the PreSonus FireStudio Mobile offer a ton of recording options. Their "combi" XLR / 1/4" connections give you access to studio-class XMAX preamps. Instead of shopping out their components to a wholesale supplier, PreSonus designed these XMAX preamps in-house and from the ground up to ensure tight quality control and high fidelity standards. With 80 decibels of available gain (-10 / +70 for mic level, -30 / +50 for high-impedance instruments), these first two inputs can accommodate dynamic, condenser, and ribbon microphones, as well as direct guitar or bass instrument signals with equal facility. The next six analog inputs are balanced line-level TRS jacks, perfect for routing additional external mic preamps-- or line-level sources like keyboards, drum machines, and DJ mixers. Finally, PreSonus FireStudio Mobile offers 2 channels of S/PDIF digital input for the most direct, seamless connection of external digital audio gear. Also included is a full MIDI I/O to integrate your favorite controllers and other MIDI-sync-able outboard gear.

Mobile Metering And Monitoring For instant feedback while tracking, the PreSonus FireStudio Mobile sports a pair of three-segment LED assigned to the two mic preamps. You'll easily be able to see if you've got signal, or if you're in danger of unwanted clipping. A dedicated headphone output with a robust amplifier makes monitoring with cans as accurate as can be, and once you do get back to your studio to put the final touches on your project, the 1/4-inch outputs get the goodness flowing through your studio monitors. You can even output directly to reference monitors that support S/PDIF connections.

Daisy Chain For Additional Inputs
Thanks to a driver update from the manufacturer, expanding your channel count with multiple PreSonus FireWire interfaces is easy implies. Simply run one cable into your computer and another to the feed from an additional PreSonus FireWire interface and just like that you've got more channels. Graphics-based driver software makes managing your multiple inputs easy-- the number of interfaces in your input chain is limited only by your computer's hardware.

Fantastic Software
When all that sweet audio hits your FireWire cable, it's got to go somewhere, right? Not one to leave you hanging, PreSonus bundles their Studio One software with the Presonus FireStudio mobile interface. Studio One is a full-featured DAW suite to handle all your recording, mixing, and mastering needs. And, if you act now, PreSonus will throw in 20 native effect and virtual instrument plug-ins, plus a pantload of additional loops and sounds. Okay, you don't actually have to act right this second to get all this; it all comes standard with the FireStudio Mobile. But now that you know what's waiting for you, why would you possibly want to act at any other time?

Mobile recording isn't just becoming a more common gig for working engineers, it's becoming a necessary component for all recording enthusiasts. The affordable, rugged, and entirely capable PreSonus FireStudio Mobile not only makes remote recording gigs an option, it makes them--and you--sound great.

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