Pittsburgh Modular Envelope Eurorack Complex Envelope Generator
Indonesian Price Rp 2,685,125 - Pittsburgh Modular Envelope Eurorack Complex Envelope Generator

Pittsburgh Modular Envelope Eurorack Complex Envelope Generator

Pittsburgh Modular
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Rp 2,685,125
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The Pittsburgh Modular Envelope is a complex multi-stage Eurorack envelope generator module with voltage-controllable rise and fall. What can it do for your music? AudioBuy.com.au Australia synth geeks know that modulation is one of the cornerstones of synthesis, and envelopes are a superb way to automate the way a sound changes character over time. But this module is not just a voltage-controlled envelope generator. Pittsburgh Modular has given it impressive additional functionality, making it an outstanding value add to your Eurorack modular system. Use the Pittsburgh Modular Envelope for controlling portamento, as an envelope follower, pulse delay, wave shaper, LFO, and even as an oscillator!

Pittsburgh Modular Envelope Features at a Glance
  • 8hp Eurorack module (requires Eurorack case/power supply)
  • This module is incredibly versatile, and performs multiple functions:
  • Voltage-controlled envelope generator
  • Voltage-controlled slewing (portamento)
  • Envelope follower
  • VCO and Voltage-controlled LFO
  • VC pulse delay
  • VC wave shaper
  • Envelope controls:
  • Rise control knob
  • Rise CV in attenuator
  • Sustain on/off switch
  • Linear fall / log fall switch
  • Fall control knob
  • Fall CV in attenuator
  • Cycle on/off switch
  • Patch points:
  • Rise CV in - Rise CV input
  • Both CV in - Rise and fall CV input
  • Fall CV in - Fall CV input
  • Signal input - Main signal input
  • End of Attack out - Gate signal output. Signal goes high at end of rise
  • Trigger out - Trigger output. Trigger created at end of fall
  • Signal out - Main signal output

Modulate your music with the Pittsburgh Modular Envelope!

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