McDSP Revolver v5 Plug-in
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McDSP Revolver v5 Plug-in

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Rp 4,485,209
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McDSP Revolver is a high-powered convolution reverb for AAX Native, RTAS, AU, and AudioSuite that gives you the power to totally sculpt impulse responses to suit your taste. With dedicated and routable EQ, two syncable delay lines, and specialized stereo imaging, Revolver offers unprecedented control over your mix!

McDSP Revolver Convolution Reverb at a Glance
  • Includes hundreds of acoustic spaces and reverbs
  • Convolution without unnecessary CPU drain
  • Record your own spaces
  • Includes EQ and delay lines
  • Additional controls to shape the sound you want
  • 3-band crossover controls reverb tails on the fly

Includes hundreds of acoustic spaces and reverbs
With literally hundreds of sounds from rare, venerable out-of-production reverbs and acoustic spaces, Revolver provides the most compelling impulse library to date. The Revolver plug-in uses convolution to extract and replicate acoustic spaces and other equipment exactly. It combines this extraordinary processing power with the flexibility only found in ultra high-end outboard reverbs.

Convolution without unnecessary CPU drain
Convolution is known to be computationally expensive. McDSP Revolver is a highly optimized convolution engine, and to help maximize the power of your system Revolver provides selectable latency modes and Tail Cut controls to save your computer from having to process signals that are inaudible. When using a higher buffer size and the Low Latency mode output delay can be as low as 0 samples. When the user adjusts the playback buffer size of their DAW, Revolver will also check which latency mode has been selected and automatically choose the best one.

Record your own spaces
Also included with Revolver is a complete tool set to shoot your own rooms and gear. Any acoustic space, outboard gear, or signal path can be modeled in a few minutes with Revolver and the Revolver analysis tools. Other impulse responses can be imported and Revolver will automatically locate the best starting point for the impulse response, and calculate a fade from the noise floor if one is present.

Includes EQ and delay lines
Revolver has two bands of dedicated shelving EQ and three additional bands of routable EQ. The EQ routing system has 18 different insert combinations. Revolver's two programmabdelay lines have five different possible insert combinations. The delay lines are each three seconds long and can be panned and synced to MIDI beat clock independently for a variety of tempo-based effects. Additionally, all parameter adjustments are heard immediately, and the outputs are not muted during any control updates. You don't need to wait while the reverb is "re-rendered."

Additional controls to shape the sound you want
In addition to the usual reverb length, wet and dry mix controls, EQ and delay, Revolver adds positive and negative predelay, controls for the articulation and overall attack of the sampled impulse, as well as other specialized stereo field controls. Separate from the delay lines, Revolver's split delay feature can be used to create an image shift of up to 50 msec, between the left and right channels. The split dampening and selectable diffusion controls can accentuate an image shift in the frequency domain.

3-band crossover controls reverb tails on the fly
Revolver LE's optional 3-band crossover provides control over the specific tonal characteristics of the reverb tail over time, separating out the lows, mids, and highs. This is applied directly to the impulse response, essentially rendering on the fly and saving on system overhead.

McDSP Revolver Convolution Reverb Features
  • Convolution reverb with hundreds of sampled spaces and processors
  • Includes tool set to record your own spaces and gear
  • 2-band shelving EQ plus 3-band routable EQ
  • Delay lines can sync to MIDI clock
  • Positive and negative predelay controls
  • Optional 3-band crossover allows control of reverb tail over time
  • Maximum sample rate 48kHz

Get Revolver to make your Pro Tools sessions really shine!

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