Korg MicroKorg XL PLUS Analog Modeling Synthesizer and Vocoder Keyboard
Indonesian Price Rp8.685.405 - Korg MicroKorg XL PLUS Analog Modeling Synthesizer and Vocoder Keyboard

Korg MicroKorg XL PLUS Analog Modeling Synthesizer and Vocoder Keyboard

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Add synth textures, vintage keyboard sounds, and vocoding excitement to your music project with the microKORG XL PLUS synthesizer -- the big brother to Korg's massively popular microKORG. How do you improve on a smash-hit super-portable synth? For starters, the XL PLUS boasts a more intuitive user interface, more versatile PCM sounds for vintage keyboard instruments, an upgraded microphone for the vocoder, and a USB port. Korg packs all this into a dare-we-call-it-cute 22-inch-wide, under-5-pound package, complete with an improved 37-key Natural Touch mini-keyboard. Fortifed with Korg's powerful Radias sound engine, this compact synth delivers a huge helping of rich analog sounds, including Korg's SGproX stage piano, M1 keyboard, and VOX organ.

Easy to Use, Even for Synth Noobs With analog-style knobs and the welcome addition of a backlit LCD screen, the microKORG XL PLUS begs to be played right out of the box. Korg has laid out its 128 editable preset sounds so even beginners can find what they need fast. Turn the Program Genre dial to one of eight "genres" (try '70s Vintage!) and turn the Program Category dial to a type of instrument (poly synth, bass, lead, strings, and so on). You can now use the Bank Select lever to toggle between sounds in your selected category. No scrolling through menus or punching in numbers - just grab user-friendly knobs and switches to quickly access any of the staple sounds, and use the four right-hand knobs to tweak your tone. Get even more mileage out of the microKORG XL PLUS presets by applying a dedicated two-band EQ and any two effects borrowed from Korg's Kaoss line, from EQ, compression, and delay to pitch and phase-modulation -- 17 effects in all.

Build and Edit Sounds on the Synth... If building your own sounds from scratch is more your speed, the microKORG XL PLUS lets you get your hands dirty in Full Edit Mode, while the addition of a backlit LCD screen help you see what you're doing. Two oscillators offer PCM-sampled pianos, organs, brass and more, along with the usual analog-modeling suspects like sawtooth and square waves. Shape your sound with two smooth filters, modulate it with two LFOs and three envelopes, and add distortion with the drive/waveshaping processor. Got a sound you like? Turn on the microKORG XL's arpeggiator and apply one of six arpeggio types -- you can adjust duration, spacing, and on/off status for each of eight steps in the pattern, and even synchronize the frequency of your LFO, or your delay effect, to the arpeggiator's tempo. Korg's Virtual Patch mode lets you assign control parameters to sound parameters -- like assigning the mod wheel to control filter cutoffs.

...Or Edit Sounds on Your Computer If this all sounds like a lot to squint at on such a small keyboard, Korg has you covered with the USB port on the XL PLUS. Connect it to your Mac or PC running Korg's free software editor, back up the factory sounds, and dig deep into your own creations from the comfort of your computer screen. Or simply use the software to rearrange sounds within the banks, so your favorite presets are always just a knob-click away.

Fun with Vocoding Delight your audience with the microKORG XL PLUS's built-in 16-band vocoder. Just play a chord and talk into the mic to modulate your sound with one of the most dynamic filters on the planet: the human voice. Korg has included a sturdy metal gooseneck microphone that plugs straight into the standard XLR jack in the center top panel, so you can start vocoding right out of the box. Format Hold allows you to "freeze" the input of the microphone and apply it to what you play on the keyboard even when you're not vocalizing, while Format Shift allows you adjust each of the 16 frequency bands separately, to warp your voice beyond recognition. This must be what Korg was thinking when gave the name "XL PLUS" to such a tiny synth: it's two tons of fun.

Korg MicroKorg XL PLUS Features - Multi Modeling Technology sound engine, derived from the Korg Radias/R3 synths
- Even more vintage sounds than the first microKORG XL
- Easy-to-use presets
- 8-voice polyphony (twice that of the original microKORG)
- Dual effects processors from the Korg Kaoss, with 17 effects to choose from
- Improved Natural Touch mini-keys increases playability in a small footprint
- Full-size Pitch and Mod wheels
- 8-step arpeggiator with 6 built-in patterns
- Backlit LCD adds visual feedback
- 5-pin MIDI In and MIDI Out
- USB port for MIDI I/O and computer connection
- Free sound-editing software for easy sound building and preset tweaking
- 16-band vocoder with built-in XLR Gooseneck microphone and windscreen
- Extreme portability
- Vintage look

Power Supply:DC9V (Included) or 6 AA batteries (Not Included)

The original microKORG synth made waves with massive analog-modeling sound in a tiny footprint. Now, get analog re-creations plus pianos, electric pianos, strings and more -- along with Kaoss-derived effects -- in the updated microKORG XL PLUS.

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