Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP FireWire Audio Interface
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Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP FireWire Audio Interface

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Rp 5,535,258
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For all those times when you're not recording and mixing in a fancy-pants studio, the Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP audio interface provides a plethora of real-time DSP-powered tracking and mixing features, plus over a hundred different monitoring scenarios to consult with during a mix. Thanks to Virtual Reference Monitoring (VRM) technology, this 16-in/8-out FireWire audio interface is able to simulate a slew of different rooms, speakers, and monitoring scenarios, so you can hear how your music sounds in a bedroom studio, in a professional studio with nearfield monitors in front of you, through a car stereo, and so forth -- a very convenient feature when you have to monitor with headphones! The Saffire Pro 24 DSP does all the VRM magic via DSP, so your computer is freely able to perform other tasks.

In addition to awesome monitoring technology, the interface sports two of Focusrite's famed mic preamps, so you get great sound no matter what you record, as well as a wealth of I/O options, high-quality digital conversion, JetPLL jitter elimination technology, and zero-latency performance. So that you can do it all on the Saffire Pro 24 DSP, the audio interface also packs DSP mixer/router software, DSP-powered effects, and a software bundle. Ideal for desktop production setups, this Focusrite powerhouse will be your BFF no matter where you work. With the Saffire Pro 24 DSP, you can track and mix anywhere.

What You Need to Record, Track, and Mix Get great sound from the get-go with two Focusrite microphone preamplifiers -- known for their low noise and low distortion. With these power mic pres onboard, and Focusrite's high-quality digital conversion and JetPLL jitter elimination technology, you'll capture the essence of your recording and have a clean slate for applying effects, mixing, and monitoring.

The Saffire Pro 24 DSP audio interface puts professional latency-free tools at your fingertips. Saffire Mix Control is Focusrite's zero-latency 16x8 DSP mixer/router software, which features flexible output routing and monitoring, as well as easy setup solutions designed to help you work intuitively and efficiently. You also get the latest version of the Focusrite Plug-in Suite, including EQ, Compression, Gating, and "Comfort" Reverb VST/AU plug-ins, all of which can be integrated within your Saffire Mix Control software.

Very Useful VRM for Headphone Monitoring Focusrite's Virtual Reference Monitoring (VRM) enables you to put on headphones and hear your mix in different environments, through different speakers, and from different positions, from the comfort of your office chair. VRM allows you to produce pro-quality mixes in the wee hours when you have to be quiet, during the day when there's noise all around you, or even when you're set up outdoors or in a classroom or someone else's studio. Best of all, this technology allows you to work, in the virtual sense, with a range of monitors and listening environments that you probably aren't able to access on your own. VRM gives you over 100 different monitoring scenarios through your headphones, so there's no excuse not to consult different perspectives on your mix.

Using any pair of monitoring headphones, you simply choose your mixing environment from a living room, a bedroom studio, or a professional studio; and then you choose where you are positioned in that room and what speakers you listen through.

From the front panel, you can access two independent headphone buses with their own level controls, which make it easy for you and a friend to receive and control fully independent and customizable monitor mixes.

A Host of I/O Options Flexible routing options let you make the most of your gear, be it hardware or software. This Saffire boasts two additional analog inputs, six analog outputs, ADAT inputs for expanding the interface, stereo S/PDIF I/O, and two virtual "loopback" inputs for routing digital audio between software applications. The loopback inputs will come in handy when you're streaming audio online and you want to capture something cool from a video or music clip. Always know the status of your levels by checking the front panel's 5-LED metering display for each analog input.

Like other Focusrite FireWire interfaces, the Liquid Saffire Pro 24 DSP is compatible with Thunderbolt (using a FireWire to Thunderbolt adapter).

Includes DAW, Soft Synth, and Loops Helping you to make music right out of the box, the FireWire audio interface includes Focusrite's Xcite+ software bundle featuring Ableton Live 7 Lite, Novation's Bass Station software synth, and over 1 GB of royalty-free samples from Loopmasters and Mike the Drummer. If you like Live 7 Lite, there's an affordable upgrade path to the full version of the DAW software.

Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP FireWire Audio Interface Features
  • 16-in/8-out, 96 kHz/24-bit FireWire audio interface
  • VRM (Virtual Reference Monitoring) lets you use headphones to hear your mix in different environments, through different speakers, and from different positions
  • 2 Focusrite preamps provide award-winning sound
  • Onboard DSP-powered, latency-free tracking and mixing plug-ins, including EQ, Compression, Gating, and Reverb
  • High-quality A/D/D/A conversion and JetPLL jitter elimination technology for pristine audio quality and reliable synchronization
  • Lots of I/O: 16 inputs, 8 outputs, including a loop-back facility for routing audio between software applications via Saffire Mix Control
  • Saffire Mix Control DSP mixer/router software provides an 16x8 DSP mixer
  • Xcite+ software bundle offers royalty-free loops and samples, Novation Bass Station soft synth, and Ableton Live 7 Lite
  • Front-panel 5-LED metering for each of the analog inputs
  • 2 Dedicated front-panel headphone buses for fully customized monitor mixes
  • Bus-powered, or via its own power supply, for a mobile recording rig
Ideal for use anywhere you choose to make music, the Saffire Pro 24 DSP can be powered via its own power supply or via FireWire or Thunderbolt, so all you need to work on the go is your audio interface and a laptop. Keep the Saffire Pro 24 DSP at home on your desktop or bring it to location recordings -- wherever you use it, you'll enjoy high-end recording, tracking, and monitoring tools in a compact, fully featured package.

All of Focusrite's FireWire interfaces are fully compatible with Thunderbolt using a simple FireWire to Thunderbolt adapter. Focusrite fully supports the use of Thunderbolt with their FireWire interfaces.

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