Epiphone Robb Flynn Love/Death Baritone Flying V Electric Guitar with Case
Indonesian Price Rp 14,835,692 - Epiphone Robb Flynn Love/Death Baritone Flying V Electric Guitar with Case

Epiphone Robb Flynn Love/Death Baritone Flying V Electric Guitar with Case

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Rp 14,835,692
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Hailed as one of the pioneering bands of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, Machine Head has been crafting technical and brutal thrash metal for over 20 years. Machine Head's frontman, Robb Flynn, beautifully constructs his fast-paced guitar riffs with an axe that is a true original -- and perfectly suited for heavy rock and metal. 

A baritone guitar, the Love/Death Flying V reaches new lows, offering an expanded palette of sound for low-register riffers. To capture the low-end riffage, Robb's signature axe sports an EMG single-coil and EMG humbucker pickup controlled by a simple toggle switch and volume pot, allowing you to focus on what's important -- shredding. 

Custom Love/Death fret inlays, an ebony fretboard, strap locks, and Grover locking tuners round out this well-equipped rock monster, beautifully pairing high-form aesthetics with high-function electronics and appointments. 

Baritone Badness Outfitted with a set of .10 to .58 gauge strings, the Love/Death Baritone Flying V can produce tones much heavier and more saturated than a standard guitar. With an optimal tuning of one full step below standard, low-end riffs will have a massive, heavy playground to run wild in. Epiphone and Robb took innovation one step further, implementing a shorter scale length. This baritone Flying V's 27-inch scale allows the guitar to remain tight in the low-end while tuned down -- giving guitarists free rein to pluck and chug to their dark hearts' content without flubbing out and losing tonality and definition. 

EMG-HA and EMG-81 To capture the ground-shaking tone of this guitar, Robb Flynn specified a pair of carefully selected and voiced EMG pickups. 

The EMG-HA pickup in the neck position may look like a humbucker, but it's actually a single-coil pickup housed in a humbucker casing. Robb wanted to preserve the classic look of a Flying V guitar, but needed the versatility and tone that only a single-coil pickup could offer. Featuring noiseless operation and alnico magnets, the EMG-HA outputs massive amounts of classic, warm, harmonic-rich tone. 

The EMG-81 in the bridge is a pound-for-pound heavy rock pickup champion that needs little introduction. Utilizing powerful ceramic magnets and close aperture coils, the high-output EMG-81 gives this guitar serious low end and sustain for days. With this EMG pickup complement to showcase its rich baritone-voiced overtones, the Robb Flynn Love/Death Baritone Flying V cuts through dense mixes with a tone that is nothing short of thunderous. 

Premium Appointments Rounding out the Love/Death Baritone Flying V is a set of appointments that make this guitar a pro-level axe. With its comfortable SlimTaper D-shaped neck topped with a genuine ebony fretboard, this Flying V is a shredder's dream -- allowing for effortless bends, sweet sweeps, and aggressive strumming. 

A pair of Epiphone strap locks allow the guitar strap to be secured to the guitar's body, keeping the strap connected even when you're aggressively flinging the guitar around -- preventing you from losing the axe in the middle of a serious rock-out session. 

Grover locking tuners give the heavy strings exceptional tuning stability, and the Tune-o-matic bridge shoulders the strings, allowing for clear harmonic definition and long sustain. A single volume pot controls the guitar's output; a three-way toggle selector engages the bridge, neck, or both pickups; and the chrome hardware ensures that this guitar will rock for a lifetime. 

One-Of-A-Kind Aesthetics Adorned with artwork by Robb Flynn and Strephon Taylor, the Love/Death Flying V looks like no other guitar -- setting it apart from the crowd, and endearing it to the player looking to go against the grain. Truly representative of Robb Flynn and his music, this guitar displays the "Love/Death" theme throughout, with breathtaking art on the body of the guitar, headstock and inlays. 

The Love/Death Flying V comes in a custom hardshell case graced with Robb's artwork -- the perfect way to protect your investment, while showing the world that something wicked this way comes. 

Epiphone Robb Flynn Love/Death Baritone Flying V Electric Guitar Features - Mahogany SlimTaper "D"-profile neck
- 27-inch baritone scale
- 1.68-inch graphite nut for precision tuning
- Ebony fingerboard with Love/Death inlays and 24 medium jumbo frets
- Master volume control and 3-way toggle switch
- Chrome knobs
- Standard 1/4-inch metal jack plate
- Epiphone strap locks
- Grover locking tuners
- LockTone Tune-o-matic/Stopbar bridge

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